Oud Scent of Lady Floral Perfume

The magnificent fragrance of Scent of Lady Floral Perfume generates a spicy and sweet harmony around the base notes of Aoud, Orris and Birch. The graceful tones of Rose De Mai and Jasmin De Grasse are encountered with the fruity fragrance of Fig and the balsamic fragrance of Cinnamon since Saffron and Benzoin contribute their rolling glow.
Manufacturer: Latafat
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The easily identifiable beauty of Scent of Lady Floral Perfume is not easy to forget. Every culture and country like this oud perfume, its clear attraction is in its unusual and charming style that pays tribute to the conventional style and methods of middle eastern fragrances. Using famous Gum Resins that is being utilized in fragrances for many years, Benzoin, Saffron and Cinnamon establish a foundation of unmatched warmth and softness, where Lime and Bergamot on the top notes give their mild sweetness. The Latafat Scent Of Lady oud perfume is an exotic collection for perfume lover which wraps them into the cloud of fragrance loftiness.