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Forbidden Rose Attar Perfume


Forbidden Rose Attar Perfumes musk

Girly Attar Perfume


Girly Attar Perfume (Vanilla, Patchouli, Papyrus)

Gold Sapphire Attar Perfume

£14.99 excluding shipping

Gold Sapphire Attar Perfume (vanilla,musk)

Habeebi Attar Perfume for Women

£13.99 excluding shipping

Habeebi Attar Perfume (Amber, Rose, Vanilla)

Magic Fruit Attar Perfumes

£13.99 excluding shipping

Magic Fruit Attar Perfumes Musk, Rose

Oud Scent of Lady Floral Perfume

£19.99 excluding shipping

The magnificent fragrance of Scent of Lady Floral Perfume generates a spicy and sweet harmony around the base notes of Aoud, Orris and Birch. The graceful tones of Rose De Mai and Jasmin De Grasse are encountered with the fruity fragrance of Fig and the balsamic fragrance of Cinnamon since Saffron and Benzoin contribute their rolling glow.