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Adventure Attar Perfume | Men Perfume

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The base Vanilla, Tonka bean, Sandalwood and Cedarwood.

Energy Attar Perfume | Men Perfume


Energy Attar Perfumes (Bergamot, sandalwood, agarwood smoke)

King Wood Attar Perfume | Men Perfume

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King Wood Attar Perfume Amber, woody

Marinero Attar Perfume | Men Perfume

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Marinero Attar Perfume amber, musk

Mature Charm Attar Perfumes

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Mature Charm Attar Perfumes with Sandalwood

Oudh Malaki Attar Perfume

£13.99 excluding shipping

Oudh Malaki Attar Perfume with Amber and Oudh

Oud Nafees Aromatic Perfume

£19.99 excluding shipping

Let yourself be delighted by the fascinating fragrance of Latafat Oud Nafees Aromatic Perfume. An outstanding oud perfume that will make you adore the expressions that follow: Floral, Oud, Musky, Woody, and Oriental. Latafat perfumes have managed to formulate a pretty aroma with a structure of Amber, Jasmine, Woody, Floral, and Fresh Oriental notes.