Oud Nafees Aromatic Perfume

Let yourself be delighted by the fascinating fragrance of Latafat Oud Nafees Aromatic Perfume. An outstanding oud perfume that will make you adore the expressions that follow: Floral, Oud, Musky, Woody, and Oriental. Latafat perfumes have managed to formulate a pretty aroma with a structure of Amber, Jasmine, Woody, Floral, and Fresh Oriental notes.
Manufacturer: Latafat
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Latafat Oud Nafees Aromatic Perfume is best for those people who need perfume for wearing outdoors. It is a fashionable perfume with a long-lasting and mild fragrance that maintains the body aromatic and fresh all the time. Oud Nafees Perfume is kept in a modern designed bottle, whereas its special notes describe men's dignity and offset body smell components. Using this perfume after taking a bath keeps your body aromatic and fresh for a long time. Oud Nafees is a blend of natural traditional ingredients like woodchips of Agarwood or Aloeswood that are soaked in fragrance oils. These are combined with other organic ingredients like Ambergris, Resin, Sandalwood, Musk, Essential Oils, etc.