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Energy Attar Perfumes (Bergamot, sandalwood, agarwood smoke)
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Energy Attar Perfumes with Sandalwood

Indulge in a moment of calm amid the chaos with  a harmonious fragrance for men.

It is imaginative and perfectly balanced and the resulting fragrance is a true masterpiece.

An opening of zesty bergamot together with aromatic oregano and pimento berry oil make for a dynamic, conflicting start to the fragrance. This is interjected with touches of amber, frankincense, cistus and myrrh, sacred notes that are made contemporary and sophisticated. A dry down of eternally appealing leather, agarwood smoke, patchouli and sandalwood add lasting layers of depth and texture.


Notes Bergamot, oregano, pimento berry oil, amber, frankincense, cistus, opoponax, leather, agarwood smoke, patchouli, sandalwood

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